"Since 2012, we have worked our socks off to change the way people feel about comfort. We strongly believe that the things you hold close to your body should be beautiful. That’s why we continue to geek out on our original invention, sourcing the finest of fabrics from all over the world and the most ecological materials available, to produce a product that truly deserves to be by your side. 

We call it, the YUYU Bottle."

Richard Yu, Founder & CEO


It began in a freezing cold flat in south London, UK

In early 2010, Richard, like anyone else struggling with the chilly London winters, filled up his traditionally square hot water bottle to relieve himself of the goosebumps that seemed as if they ran all the way down to his core.  Annoyed with constantly having to keep moving his bottle around his body to cater to his parts not covered by the warmth, he thought to himself:

Why in the world do they not make these things longer?

Long story short: He then went off to do just that.  This eureka moment of his set off the long journey, that would eventually lead up to so much more than the mere realisation of a longer version of the age-old hot water bottle.

How long could it possibly be?

The mission was to design a hot water bottle that was not only longer and bigger, but more practical as well. Although the length of the design was eventually set at 81 centimeters (two feet and eight inches!), the bottle’s clever design would require only as much hot water for its filling as did the traditional square shaped bottle. Thus, the kettle would not need to be boiled any more times than before — just once.

Let's find the best rubber trees in the world!

In our effort to be an eco-friendly and sustainably aware brand, the biodegradable, Grade A rubber used for our bottles comes from Sri Lanka.  This grade A rubber is no joke!  Due to its long form, flexibility and softness, the YUYU can bring warmth and comfort to joints, shoulders, abdomens and backs, relieving unwelcome aches, pains and built-up tension.

The quest to also please the eye

Most households in the UK own a hot water bottle; the market is flooded with them, but we wanted our YUYU Bottle to be extra special and luxurious.  

A product that was not just revolutionary in length but also in the way it was produced.  Targeting high-end department stores, the YUYU wasn't launched as a mass-market product. Our covers are available in a variety of fabrics ranging from cashmere from Inner Mongolia, Liberty Prints and Japanese cottons, luxury fleece, Belgian linen and stunning tartan designs from the leading tartan manufacture in the world.

Let's make it revolutionary!

As the long and flexible bottle already wraps around you, the added strap makes it quite revolutionary. 

Popular ways of wearing it include strapping the bottle around the waist to target the abdomen and lower back, and over the neck or shoulder and upper back.  Not only could you move around the house with the bottle but the strap enables you to take it outside, and perhaps wear it snuggly under a coat.

What happened next?

The YUYU Bottle ("Yu", not only Richard's surname but also means "hot water" in Japanese) was first introduced to the world at Harrods in Knightsbridge, London, in 2012.

It reached this prestigious department store's list of 20 best-selling products only 14 weeks into its launch.  Since then, YUYU has grown from a company being run from a living room in Wimbledon, where friends and family handpacked each and every YUYU Bottle themselves, to becoming the provider of an internationally loved article and symbol of warmth.

At present, the YUYU Bottle is found in department stores, royal households, health and wellbeing shops, upscale hotels, spas, garden centers, home interior studios as well as exercise centers across the globe.

Most importantly of all, our YUYU family has grown into a beautiful and caring community of all sorts of people who take care of themselves and their closest ones.  After all, can there be a greater gift to oneself or a loved one than the gift of warmth and soothing?


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